our story…

funanimal started on an island off the coast of Maine, with the uncertainty of time and a need to change storylines as background. Transform from "remote islanders struggling to survive, just jamming for fun" to "play music and uplift spirits full time."

Original music is one key to the door of musical sustainability.

“You can talk business all day long, but if no one wrote the song, there is no mechanical license, no performing right, no synchronization, and no cellular ringtone. It all starts with the songwriter.”
     Randall Wixen, The Plain and Simple Guide to Music Publishing

On a small island off the coast of Maine, the only label for us to work with is our own. The only music publishing company that will administer licensing and work with performing rights organizations? Our own.

funanimal is signed to Mountainville Records and represented by the publishing company Mountainville Music,  Sunshine Road, Deer Isle Maine.

– – – 

funanimal is the bootstrap/launching pad for a vision. As the start-to-finish process unfolds for funanimal, it will form the template and road map for ShakeWell, and later—as opportunities present—production, recording and full representation for other groups. The creative process and business are entwined. Infrastructure attracts resources.


Listen below: